Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Florentine Newspaper

Just a note to say that I had three pieces published by The Florentine English Language newspaper (one that was published without me knowing!). The first two were published whilst I was in residence, the last one after we left. I just found these on the web and it reminded me how friendly and welcoming the people at The Florentine were.

The articles are:

Babbo Inglese - My first and best piece about living with kids in Florence as a stay at home dad.

Florence for Philistines - A piece that started off as an extended amble through idea(s) I had about being an ill-informed visitor with no real interest in the art and the history of the city but how I was getting sucked into it. It ended up as a guide for what people like me may get out of the city. I think!

Sick Kids - A piece on our experience of how we thought Florence residents dealt with kids' health issues. Well documented elsewhere I am sure but a talking point amongst us and our friends.

I suspect I should read them again, something that I have always been less than keen to do on almost anything I have ever written.

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